According to Yates and our history books, the National Labor Relation Act was passed during the yearcut 1935 and the Fair Labor Standard Act during the year of 1938. Many people take these laws for granted and do not realize that the fact that they actually work only 40 hours a weeks or less, with 2 days of liesure time and  somewhat of a healthcare, came from probably a couple of hundred years of suffrage of Americans. Hunnicut’s pieces was more of an eye opener for me. Apparently shorter work weeks and higher wages were considered to be a solution to over-productivity during the early 1900’s. Also at first, Sunday was only given off  being considered a Christian holiday, later on Saturdays were obtained by the Jewish community. Unions that would represent clothing factory workers focused on lower work days to increase of work to do, to spread out work for the whole years since clothing was a seasonal thing. Later on in history, industries such a Steel factories would impose quota onto their notorious assembly lines and workers end up working crazy hours with not consideration to the wellbeing of their health. This just goes to show that it took a long time for government to actually interfere in to businesses and their strategies.

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Below there are two links of articles that i found very interesting concerning the labor union.

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Postville, Iowa- The Largest Immigration Raid

It was really heart breaking reading this. After the largest raid in Postville, in Agriprocessors , one of the largest kosher slaughterhouse and meatpacking plant, nearly 400 workers were arrested which left dozens of women and children devastated and in fear of their lives that they might be deported. Women and their children panic and felt like they had nowhere to go but to hide out at St. Bridget’s Roman Catholic Church. They had to depend on the church to provide food, and a place to stay where they felt like they were safe. Many of the women had to wear monitor bracelets which digs into the skin of their ankles which leaves cuts and bruises. It was also really upsetting to read that only seven criminal defense lawyers for nearly 400 defendants which I thought was really unfair. They already work hard for their pay to the point where it feels like abuse but yet they aren’t treated fairly just because they are illegal. Many have a case of carpal tunnel, and in one case, a machine was blocked and the young man went to unblock it but the foreman turned it on which as a result lost his hand and nothing was done for him. Workers had different deductions off their checks for even buying their own safety work clothes which work was suppose to provide for them. I personally don’t think they should be treated the way they do. They don’t deserve such treatment, illegal or not, they are people too.

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Hamper: Rivethead

After reading this, I thought it was really upsetting to read, for Ben to have goals as high as he did and refusing to work in an assembly line like his father. He hated the repetitive job of an assembly line, “Car, windshield, car, windshield,” and thought it was degrading to live a shop rat life. He hated that his father was always drunk when he came home. Ben hated everything and anything about the job but he ended up working there just like his father. He ended up drinking on the job like his father. Ben did everything opposite in what he really wanted to do and just fell into the same path as his father because it was easier. I definitely think he should have worked harder and fought for what he believed in and not just fall into a life that he hated so much growing up. I know people change their minds all the time in what they really want to do in life but it was a job that he despised since he was younger. All in all, I think he should have just worked harder and studied harder to TRY to do something else with his life because I don’t think I can live with working in an assembly line. Working in an excluded area where there’s no one to talk to and just working by yourself every single day, I would have started drinking too as dangerous as that sounds. He should have just done more.

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currently in politics there is a feud between the white house and labor unions.  i believe that the president ( mr obama) is doing what is best for his country right now…other than this deleima of labor unions he has many other more important dilemas in his way such as health care to take care of first.  once all the priorities are dealt with such as health care he can hen move on to teh subject of labor unions ( not that its not important is but it is not his top priority).  i beleive he would help out the union in many ways… for example currently there is a bill within congress that Obama stirred up that would alow the united states up freely trade with Sotuh Korea once again in which he think this can help stabilize the economy.  i respect his thoughts to help improve teh economy but i do not beleiev this is the right way to go becuase this can ultimatly jeprodize the manufactoring of US made products which is alot smaller compared to all the import goods being sodl these days. this also can deminish the amount of jobs for US manufactoring companys that need workers to create goods or run machinary etc. The AFL-CIO is also against this proposition by obama…but is it really a proposition made by obama or taken from the former unpopular president MR Bush whom not really no body liked his ideas and how he carried out his decisions while running in office.

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Yates 12/1

the reading on Why Union Matter makes one realize the role of labor unions and why it is so valuable to have if you are any kind of worker.  As Yates says if you are not supported by a labor union it can make a lot of workers with almost no chance in backing themselves up in confrontations with the employers one- sided unpredictable actions. if a worker is not backed up within a labor union or is not part of a labor union it makes it hard to counter the employers decisions that they make for you as unfair as they are because they do have the upper hand in controlling the company if you are part of a union which is a whole gathering of workers you have more power and say as to what might happen.

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Tannock Stuart 11/10

Tannock proves a good point in this reading because since the economy is not in good shape the working hours for individuals seem to be more strict and essentially longer hours.  employers that hire young individuals such as teenagers tend to give them long working hours which affect the young workers lives especially their social life, which is an important part of a young persons life is to interact with others it can open up their minds and gives them ability to learn.  these long hours assigned by these employers ultimately affect the youths schedules possibly in school and especially their nightlife which is when they mostly have their social life regarding that mostly all teens and youth go out at night with friends to socialize (over time hours can drastically affect this part of a teens life).  also the employer can lessen the hours of an individual which does not help at all to the worker, it might cause them to loos there job or ultimately quit because they aren’t getting enough hours as they want.  this problem is still on going in today’s society in all retail stores whom hire young people around the country.

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Frank dana (demons in parking lot) 11/3

the article demons in the paring lot had left me very surprised in which what they were saying about America and the Japanese. i was surprised that many Americans do not appreciate other makes of car besides themselves such as japanese imports.  it is true that almost every other car you see on the road these days is a foreign made car especially a Toyota or Honda which are typically made for affordability and long lasting satisfaction.  if you ask me, i would probably complain more if i owned a American car than a japanese car. i am very much a car enthusiast and know alot about cars and typically wouldn’t buy a American made car.. even though i have had in the past… i just find the build quality of the japanese and other imports alot more durable, reliable and long lasting.  one thing that stood out to me is that how the UAW headquarters only allows parking for US and Canadian made cars…i think that is just honestly stupidity just because you don’t have a American made car you cant park c’mon. Americans have been stealing credit for what they shouldn’t be taken credit for also.  when the japanese make something they take it and pretend like they actually made it within their borders and sell it. i think it is completely wrong for the US to do anything like this

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Katherine newman ( no shame in my game) 10/27

this reading speaks about how young kids in New York Harlem are being ridiculed  by their friends because they are applying and working for jobs at fast food restaurants that are low paying jobs.  teens that worked at these fast food restaurants were being made fun of  and considered losers on a regular basis by their peers.  the reason for all the ridiculing is because in these kids mentalities it is degrading for themselves to work at such a low class  low paying job.. they think that if you work their you are at rock bottom with your life… but what they don’t see is that kid that is working is actually making more money than you are doing nothing so ridiculing him is going nowhere just probably bad karma for ur own self.  how do these kids expect to get jobs without a college resume of previous jobs and or a decent education or experience in any field. Newman does prove a good point with all of this but i have to add to his insights…all this bashing about having a low wage degrading job does not only take place in small neighborhoods it actually is a widespread problem.   teenagers are put through a difficult problem on were they are pressured to find a job whether its your parents that are forcing you and nagging at you to becoming something of yourself and gain experience through different fields of working in different places or just for yoyourself to make some extra spending money to go out or to help out your parents if they are in some financial trouble.  i experienced something like this but not exactly i didn’t get ridiculed i actually got praised…when i was 16 i took upon a job at a Persian grocery store ( i am Persian)  so most of the time i would see a family friend of my mothers or something like that come in and purchase something and i would be at the cashier  but instead of ridiculing me they would say as what i am doing is good especially at my age i am going to learn more at a younger age and acquire more experience.  what i learn from all of this is that don’t care about what other people think…do what you gotta do if you gotta make some money go make it regardless of how you do it. you know that whatever you do will ultimately benefit you so why care what the bully on the other end thinks your probably one step ahead of that guy and motivated to go do bigger and better things int he future.


Leblanc 10/20

within the 1920’s  the mostly concentrated objective was to obtain a higher strategy of labor. in the 1920’s business were successful one reason this is why is because trade union leaders made sure strikes were at all costs avoided.  preventing strikes was a big deal back then, employers to it very seriously if a strike broke out that is why the employers created a contracts called yellow dog contracts which said they are not allowed to strike or else.  the success rate of unions was low because the education of their workers was not great @ all people did not have enough knowledge to go lead an entire mass group of workers, their working and living conditions were very poor mostly all workers were living under lower than normal pay.  eventually workers have gotten their way by conducting strikes and shutdowns which would ultimately pose a threat upon the employer within almost no risk to the worker. unions eventually rose and had power against the employers which forced them to negotiate with workers union… strikes were no longer needed because now the problem that would arise between the workers and employers would just be settled out within the union and employers by negotiating especailly because now these problems were taken to court and who ever own the case it would be backed by the law so lets say if the workers union won a case for higher wages the employers must engage a higher wage pay  by law so there was no messing around anymore everything was civil and organized.