Demons in the parking lot

After reading the articles “demons in the parking lot”, I was shocked by some of the things mentioned, one of which was very hypocritical as American. I expected much more of appreciation for the Japanese imports. I mean a lot of us who have cars these days are foreign cars from Japan or Korea. And we don’t complain as much as we would if we had to buy an American car. Also I realized how wrong it was for the UAW national headquarter reserves parking only for U.S and Canadian cars, but not for the foreign cars. In addition to that I was stunned by the fact that Americans were taking credits for what the Japanese built and own. For example, as stated in the article ” a hat sold in store name “Made by American, worn by an American, paid for by an American”, but the actual tag inside the hat says, “Made in China” I am not bashing up our country but that’s what exactly it seems like to me.

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