Human Resources Movie

This movie was quite an interesting one; concerning a young man named Frank who was a recent graduated that returned home. His father who worked for a manufacturing company took Frank to work with him but as a intern manager. Being a intern for the 35 hour work week teams Frank was a rising star in the company, and had introduce a technique to make the company and the union members better. Instead his boss used this technique to make himself better and fire the older workers, one of which was frank’s father. He promoted frank which was noticeable as a bribe. This situation brought about many corruption between the worker and frank, but he was most worried about this father who was about to get fired because of him. Furthermore, as frustrated and confused was frank he was force to take sides and do the right thing for his father and the other workers. They all came together and have a strike against the union team and eventually he realized that this wasn’t his position. What I gain from this movie and people experiences, I think that family should not all work together in one company and rely on it. People shouldn’t mix their work and home affairs. This will somehow later affect the family and their relationships.

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