Jimmy Hoffa

This article was very interesting the fact that Hoffa took control of the union and rule it on his own way. His main principal goal was to bring about uniform wages, benefits and working conditions which have succeed approximately eighty-five percent of uniformity. In Hoffa plans many unions’ workers in World War II were covered under his plan, not just the workers in the World War II but also the ones outside such as the miners, steelworkers and garment workers. He basically introduces the union first pension plan, took control and went about doing his own thing by avoiding the set of laws. He used the pension funds and started invest it into big businesses to make more money and even friends. Although this could have hurt the unions and their workers, he went ahead with his plans anyways, which I think was very risky. To a matter of fact while reading I was thinking that he really don’t care about the union and its workers, but I was very surprised how he work his way around by making the beneficial plan work for himself and everyone else.

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