Hyatt Hotel Overworks Their Staffs!

After reading this article, I thought it was really selfish of the hotel owners to work their staffs even though the workers were hurt or didn’t have enough recovery time from their injuries. Managers would blame the workers for their injuries and if they reported their injuries, they would be discipline for violating safety rules. Some would even be scared to report an injury because the hotel has a contest called “safety bingo” where the hotel wins a monetary prize if the hotel has the fewest injuries and the workers didn’t want to be blamed for their lost. Housekeepers are given many duties that needs to be done within a certain time frame. Hyatt has the worst record of injuries in the hotel industry. Hyatt hotel does not use fitted sheets which requires housekeepers to lift heavy mattresses to change the sheets at least a hundred a day. On top of the heavy mattresses, they have the clean the floors on their arms and knees because they don’t supply them with anything but a piece of cloth. According to the article, 780 injuries had been reported on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) log since 2007 within the 12 Hyatt hotels which were complaint about.

Although the OSHA has complaint against Hyatt and listed remedies that could be done to help the housekeepers, nothing is really being done here to help the workers. I think it’s really unfair for the owners/managers to treat their workers the way they do by forcing them to work more in less time and even have them skip lunch or break. They need to realize that housekeepers are human too and they need a good working environment to stay healthy. The more the hotel overwork their employees, the more injuries will occur which I believe has to change. I can’t believe how a high end hotel can allow this to happen to their workers just to save some money. They won’t make any money if they don’t have healthy workers to work for them.

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