Human Resources

This French movie touched me the most at the climax of it. This is where the main character is marching into the factory, encouraging others to stop working. He finally came up to his father who was a long time factory worker and just started blasting off at his father. He pointed out to his stubborn father…how his father raised him to be the man he was today, how a mangers as young s his own son has the ability to fire him two years before he was bound to retire. Apparently, it is during this scence that we learn that his father only worked at the factory to make sure that his own son was educated and did not have to work a job like him. His son points out to him that he was actually ashamed of what he did because his father taught to be ashamed of such jobs. After much persuasion, his father gives in and that it the main character’s achievement. It is a common problem for elder workers not wanting to cause any tension between them and their job¬†security¬†or creating riots. They know of nothing else but of their monotonous job. It is hard to make workers realize that they are being mistreated, this is one of the cause of unions for being so weak. It is the organizations job to educate workers and that is exactly what the main character had set out to do with his father.

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  1. #1 by ktetro on December 13, 2010 - 1:13 pm

    See I was very bored with the movie. I hosely think it took a normal situation of relatives working in the same sector and company and exxagerating it. I think most people are brought up to be ashamed of certain types of work as a tactic to make them want more in life than just contentment. The son, to me, was a selfish and distructive human being. He had many ways he could have gona about getting the word out and stopping the company from exploiting and firing its employees, however he did not use his top dollar education, he ran on pure emotion only, and usually that just turns into violence and nothing accomplished. Although, I say the above, the company is very normal in how many companies conduct business and that I do not agree with.

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