Tuition Hike

The tuition increase hike was probably something that would have been wonderful to join. I was very unfortunate and wasn’t able to go due to work. I did hear a lot about it though. The board apparently approved a 5% tuition increase!!! Can you believe we have to pay more money. I mean I am grateful that still Queens college isn’t as expensive as a private school but still how much more will the tuition be raised?! This is outrageous because back in the day all CUNY used to be Free education. I am not fortunate enough to receive financial aid either. I also heard that seniority teachers were offered early retirement which is pretty neat. Teachers also have the option of staying adjuncts making way less more money then professors do but bringing home two types of income. I am very upset with the tuition increase in conclusion and I am hoping that it doesn’t keep raising until I graduate.

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