Unions in America FINAL POST :)

Unions in America

This video educated me in learning a little bit more about unions. There is a union in my job as well but for the shop employees. And it is one of like a family all of them stick together. In this video it also spoke about illegal workers and how it should be dealt with. I’m sure for the most part every job consists of illegal workers. You can probably point them out or maybe you can’t. I don’t see it as a huge issue of them working amongst us; I just don’t agree with the less pay or poor treatment. It appears the union discussed was helping with cut backs as well as lay offs. The thing with unions when you go over board as a group nowadays due to the economy is so bad many people can easily replace that jobs for less pay. Unions are their to help you out in a time of need or to voice you out as a group. I like the idea of a union and I think it gives you a sense of job security.

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