cuny tuition

as most of us know there is a going to be a hike in tuition by next semester which is unacceptable and totally not fair to everyone that attends queens college.  the hike of tuition will be roughly 600 extra per semester and will interfere with people who do have TAP in financial aid .  i believe this is very unfair because not all people who go to queens college are supported by their families to pay off these expensive tuitions the vast of students that go to queens college can be teenagers who are supported by their parents ( like me) all the way up to single moms who are trying to get a educations and support their children at the same time and which cannot afford these rises in tuition. i do believe sadly that once people do realize that the hike of prices the attendees of people attending college will drop…but not by that much because people ultimately do need a education.  but people still receiving TAP like me will still be affected even though we are covered by financial aid which is totally uncalled for the reason why its called financial aid is to aid us paying these expensive prices in tuition… and now your trying to make our financial matters worse??!! especially during this bad economy we are in…. just dont get it and not fair at all… politics suck!

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