Frank dana (demons in parking lot) 11/3

the article demons in the paring lot had left me very surprised in which what they were saying about America and the Japanese. i was surprised that many Americans do not appreciate other makes of car besides themselves such as japanese imports.  it is true that almost every other car you see on the road these days is a foreign made car especially a Toyota or Honda which are typically made for affordability and long lasting satisfaction.  if you ask me, i would probably complain more if i owned a American car than a japanese car. i am very much a car enthusiast and know alot about cars and typically wouldn’t buy a American made car.. even though i have had in the past… i just find the build quality of the japanese and other imports alot more durable, reliable and long lasting.  one thing that stood out to me is that how the UAW headquarters only allows parking for US and Canadian made cars…i think that is just honestly stupidity just because you don’t have a American made car you cant park c’mon. Americans have been stealing credit for what they shouldn’t be taken credit for also.  when the japanese make something they take it and pretend like they actually made it within their borders and sell it. i think it is completely wrong for the US to do anything like this

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  1. #1 by ha1987 on December 18, 2010 - 1:10 am

    I find that ridiculous that you can not park you car in a parking lot if its not made in America or Canada. People have there own choice on how to spend their money, people work so hard to buy a car and they should have the privilege to buy what they like. I as many other Americans do not like American made cars they are very unreliable after they get a few years old, many of the parts on the car start to go. Also American cars are very over priced.

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