karl marx vs taylor 10/6

in the book ” Political Economy”  i believe what karl marx states that the labor has fallen to a bare minimum as well as the products and services that are given is to be true.  Karl Marx believes that as the workers puts in more hours and breaks his back harder for the labor he or she is involved in that person will get poorer basically saying the more work someone puts it the less financially successful they will become….i do not necessarily believe in this fact because i believe the more effort you put into something the more you gain out of that experience.  also as the laborer he soughts that the people putting in the work and hours become separated from merchandise because obviously they are not the ones whom control who produces what.  the condition of the worker is so bad that he or she is literally separated from the real world and humanity. i believe the form of capitalism today is a lot better than the form of capitalism when karl marx was around  even though he did not agree wit capitalistic ideals.  a person with different views about capitalism has once said that the best type of management under capitalistic ideals is scientific management instead of  initiative and incentives this man was Fredrick Taylor.  i believe that scientific management is not the best way to conduct a business.  in this type of managing the employers are the key people as to them deciding what should be produced who doesproductions…. in my opinion this is not the best way to run your business with employees making the decisions.  in my opinion people are driven by benifts, incentives, high wages which motivate individuals to give nothing but their best effort to help the company flourish.

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