Katherine newman ( no shame in my game) 10/27

this reading speaks about how young kids in New York Harlem are being ridiculed  by their friends because they are applying and working for jobs at fast food restaurants that are low paying jobs.  teens that worked at these fast food restaurants were being made fun of  and considered losers on a regular basis by their peers.  the reason for all the ridiculing is because in these kids mentalities it is degrading for themselves to work at such a low class  low paying job.. they think that if you work their you are at rock bottom with your life… but what they don’t see is that kid that is working is actually making more money than you are doing nothing so ridiculing him is going nowhere just probably bad karma for ur own self.  how do these kids expect to get jobs without a college resume of previous jobs and or a decent education or experience in any field. Newman does prove a good point with all of this but i have to add to his insights…all this bashing about having a low wage degrading job does not only take place in small neighborhoods it actually is a widespread problem.   teenagers are put through a difficult problem on were they are pressured to find a job whether its your parents that are forcing you and nagging at you to becoming something of yourself and gain experience through different fields of working in different places or just for yoyourself to make some extra spending money to go out or to help out your parents if they are in some financial trouble.  i experienced something like this but not exactly i didn’t get ridiculed i actually got praised…when i was 16 i took upon a job at a Persian grocery store ( i am Persian)  so most of the time i would see a family friend of my mothers or something like that come in and purchase something and i would be at the cashier  but instead of ridiculing me they would say as what i am doing is good especially at my age i am going to learn more at a younger age and acquire more experience.  what i learn from all of this is that don’t care about what other people think…do what you gotta do if you gotta make some money go make it regardless of how you do it. you know that whatever you do will ultimately benefit you so why care what the bully on the other end thinks your probably one step ahead of that guy and motivated to go do bigger and better things int he future.

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  1. #1 by ha1987 on December 18, 2010 - 1:17 am

    I had many jobs from when i was 16 to now that im 23 and when i was younger i didnt have kids my age make fun of me for working at a grocery store. When your young it doesnt matter where you work and how much you get paid, what counts is that you get the working experience and recognize the value of money.

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