My opinion on Immigrants

I think it is very pointless to say sending illegal immigrants is the best option. Immigrants are people, and I know a lot of illegal immigrants, people with personalities, some good some bad, and a lot of them work hard, and even though they don’t pay taxes because they can’t, they still contribute in other ways. They buy stuff, helping the economy, thay pay sales tax, so they do contribute money. I think the easisets way of solving the problem on immigrants would be granting them all some type of working permit so they can actually pay taxes if thats the issue. The money raised could be used in many diffferent ways to solve whatever it is that people are afraid of when talking about illegal ¬†immigrants killing their country. America is build on immigrants! It is made of immigrants! We are all immigrants. The variety of cultures is what makes America what it is, I mean the statue of Liberty is an American symbol and was made to welcome Immigrants!

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