Riots in Greece

 We all have heard of the strikes throughout Europe especially the one in France. I would like to bring up the one happening in Greece during this week was pretty insane. Greece has been going through these pay cuts for a while now and when they go on strike they don’t just protest with signs they go all out.  Yesterday Athens had absolutely no transportation, including buses, trains, or trams ran and are ensuring that they will be happening again through the following weeks. As reported their wages are being cut from 790 Euros a month to 600, which is 190 euros less. That to me is a good reason to be striking, but it also impacts the lives of those who need the transportation to get to work. Imagine New York City having no public transportation, it would be chaos.  Protestors in Greece damaged cars, hotels, post offices, and also injured the Transport Minister. This is apparently the seventh strike this year alone that paralyzed the public and private sector and according to reports there are many more to look forward to. The one good thing with Europe is that the workers and the general public stick together in matter as such. I do not agree with the vandalism and the madness of the protestors but having public school close, public transportation, flights and hospitals shut down is definitely a way of getting their message across. What they do affects society as a whole therefore they can not be ignored. Maybe that is something that needs to be done here and show management the power we hold.

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