Tannock Stuart 11/10

Tannock proves a good point in this reading because since the economy is not in good shape the working hours for individuals seem to be more strict and essentially longer hours.  employers that hire young individuals such as teenagers tend to give them long working hours which affect the young workers lives especially their social life, which is an important part of a young persons life is to interact with others it can open up their minds and gives them ability to learn.  these long hours assigned by these employers ultimately affect the youths schedules possibly in school and especially their nightlife which is when they mostly have their social life regarding that mostly all teens and youth go out at night with friends to socialize (over time hours can drastically affect this part of a teens life).  also the employer can lessen the hours of an individual which does not help at all to the worker, it might cause them to loos there job or ultimately quit because they aren’t getting enough hours as they want.  this problem is still on going in today’s society in all retail stores whom hire young people around the country.

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  1. #1 by ha1987 on December 18, 2010 - 1:04 am

    I agree based on my personal experience when i was about 16 i used to work at a grocery store and the manager there would want my school schedule to see what hours they can assign me. i would get over 30 hours a week, which was a lot for a high school student. By me working this much, I was falling behind on my school work. My friends would be going out and hanging out, and i would be stuck working.

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