Working Youths

In Tannock Stuarts reading, he reveals that teenage workers particulary in North America are regulary exploited by their service sector employers, who hold them to minimum wage, low status, “stopgap” jobs with irregular hours and very few benefits. Stuart was able to find in his conducted research that young grocery workers are marginalized and alienated by the union which appears uninterested in their concers. Fast food employees do get help with individual grievances but little union effort is made to establish an atmosphere of collectivity. Neither union addresses such structural problems as dangerous work processes, harrassment, or the handling of off the clock work.  I was a victim myself of this unfair treatment. I started working at the age af 13 at a supermarket near my house. It is sad to remember the unjustices they used to do to me and other co workers. Now that I have grown and understand the labor force much better, I know that what they were doing was not right. I would have to work 30 hours a week with a minimum salary of 5.25. I was not able to take anything or eat something from the supermarket without paying and I only had a 30 min lunch break from a ten hour shift to eat in which I had to punch out my card. My legs would hurt a lot after standing for so long and the employers have no pity for such a young age girl. Reason why they only provided cashiers with 30 hours shifts is because they did not want to have the responsibility of having to give us benefits if we were full time. My parents thought it was a good idea for us to work to gain a sense of responsibility and learn the difficulties of life and most importantly to value our money. Unfortunately, from that I learned that I will never send my child to work under those conditions.

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