Yates 9/15

in the readings by Yates ” Why Unions Matter” he makes the reader understand more about the labor movement that took place in the united states and the difficulties among individuals that accompanied it.  in the readings Yates, describes the different positions unions take  to make the union strong.  Yates identifies the significance  of how important it is for a union worker to maintain his dignity within his surrounding inside the working area.  by using the word dignity Yates meant by keeping respect for themselves making sure they some sort of “voice” within the place that their job takes place.  i agree with Yates on this matter because if someone especially someone small within the workplace does that have a say within the company it will eventually gather up so many voices that do not have a say within the company and may cause a strike or boycott of some sort.  people that do not have a ‘voice’ within their own working areas are typically not happy people… i know i would not be happy if my boss did not allow me to make any inputs of any kind, especially if you work long hours you do not want to be working long hours with an unhappy non motivated mood you want to be positive while you work and have a motivated intuition so you can provide your best skills to that company, these things far surpass benefits and wages because ultimately if you are not happy you will not be good at what you do which can probably give you lower income rather than if u are good at something you would get better income.

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