Hamper: Rivethead

After reading this, I thought it was really upsetting to read, for Ben to have goals as high as he did and refusing to work in an assembly line like his father. He hated the repetitive job of an assembly line, “Car, windshield, car, windshield,” and thought it was degrading to live a shop rat life. He hated that his father was always drunk when he came home. Ben hated everything and anything about the job but he ended up working there just like his father. He ended up drinking on the job like his father. Ben did everything opposite in what he really wanted to do and just fell into the same path as his father because it was easier. I definitely think he should have worked harder and fought for what he believed in and not just fall into a life that he hated so much growing up. I know people change their minds all the time in what they really want to do in life but it was a job that he despised since he was younger. All in all, I think he should have just worked harder and studied harder to TRY to do something else with his life because I don’t think I can live with working in an assembly line. Working in an excluded area where there’s no one to talk to and just working by yourself every single day, I would have started drinking too as dangerous as that sounds. He should have just done more.

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