Postville, Iowa- The Largest Immigration Raid

It was really heart breaking reading this. After the largest raid in Postville, in Agriprocessors , one of the largest kosher slaughterhouse and meatpacking plant, nearly 400 workers were arrested which left dozens of women and children devastated and in fear of their lives that they might be deported. Women and their children panic and felt like they had nowhere to go but to hide out at St. Bridget’s Roman Catholic Church. They had to depend on the church to provide food, and a place to stay where they felt like they were safe. Many of the women had to wear monitor bracelets which digs into the skin of their ankles which leaves cuts and bruises. It was also really upsetting to read that only seven criminal defense lawyers for nearly 400 defendants which I thought was really unfair. They already work hard for their pay to the point where it feels like abuse but yet they aren’t treated fairly just because they are illegal. Many have a case of carpal tunnel, and in one case, a machine was blocked and the young man went to unblock it but the foreman turned it on which as a result lost his hand and nothing was done for him. Workers had different deductions off their checks for even buying their own safety work clothes which work was suppose to provide for them. I personally don’t think they should be treated the way they do. They don’t deserve such treatment, illegal or not, they are people too.

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