According to Yates and our history books, the National Labor Relation Act was passed during the yearcut 1935 and the Fair Labor Standard Act during the year of 1938. Many people take these laws for granted and do not realize that the fact that they actually work only 40 hours a weeks or less, with 2 days of liesure time and  somewhat of a healthcare, came from probably a couple of hundred years of suffrage of Americans. Hunnicut’s pieces was more of an eye opener for me. Apparently shorter work weeks and higher wages were considered to be a solution to over-productivity during the early 1900’s. Also at first, Sunday was only given off  being considered a Christian holiday, later on Saturdays were obtained by the Jewish community. Unions that would represent clothing factory workers focused on lower work days to increase of work to do, to spread out work for the whole years since clothing was a seasonal thing. Later on in history, industries such a Steel factories would impose quota onto their notorious assembly lines and workers end up working crazy hours with not consideration to the wellbeing of their health. This just goes to show that it took a long time for government to actually interfere in to businesses and their strategies.

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